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Wendy Campbell, Founder & President

Contact: Wendy@SurviveThriveYoga.org

Wendy has been practicing yoga for 16 years and is a certified yoga teacher and Yoga4Cancer trained. Her yoga journey began in 2001 as a casual restorative practice. In 2006, she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. After going through cancer treatment in 2006 , she was told to"go live your life." Well, "her life" did not make sense anymore. Nothing was the same -cancer is a game changer.  Happily, yoga continues helped her to connect the dots and make sense of life. Her yoga practice evolved into her mental and emotional life line as she recovered. Learn more about her yoga journey here and her experience with cancer here It has become her personal commitment to use her energy in a meaningful way. This is why she founded Survive & Thrive. 


Marc Simon, Vice President

Contact: Marc@SurviveThriveYoga.org

Marc Simon has been an advertising copywriter and comedy writer/performer on a public access radio station in his native Pittsburgh. His short fiction has appeared in several literary magazines, his one-act plays have been three-time winners in the Naples Sugden Theater New Plays Contest, and his debut novel, The Leap Year Boy was published in December 2012. In addition, Marc teaches a memoir writing workshop at the Naples Senior Center.

"For years ago, I was experiencing severe back and leg pain. After trying all the traditional remedies, including spinal injections, I was told my next option was surgery. I decided to try yoga instead. Following a therapeutic routine prescribed by Survive & Thrive founder Wendy Campbell, my pain gradullay began to lessen. After six weeks I was virtually pain free. As one that has experienced the healing power of yoga, I'm committed to the success of Survive & Thrive.


Christina Talford, Secretary

Contact: Christina@SurviveThriveYoga.org

Christina has practiced yoga with Survive and Thrive founder, Wendy Campbell over the past 5 years.  Initially, she began her practice as a way to reduce the stress and anxiety that came along with infertility treatments she was undergoing.  Her practice allowed her to better connect to her body and ultimately set an optimal foundation for a healthy pregnancy.  Today, Christina and her husband Rob enjoy raising their two wonderful boys.  She holds a degree in Advertising/Public Relations and helps with all administrative duties and public relations.  Christina is dedicated to helping others enrich their lives through the works of Survive and Thrive.



James C. Salwitz, MD Board Member

Contact: jimsal@msn.com

Dr. James Salwitz is a medical oncologist and a clinical professor with a career-long interest in  the relationship of patients and doctors to the medical system. He has previously served as the County President of the American Cancer Society and presently serves as President of the Medical staff at RWJUH.  Dr. Salwitz frequently provides community lectures related to coping with cancer, palliative and hospice care. As a strong advocate for patient empowerment, Dr Salwitz offers an informative and compassionate perspective. 

  Check out his blog SUNRISE ROUNDS.