Riding Out the Storm

Our 2nd Annual Beach Yoga


We began our practice around 6:45 p.m. on LaPlaya’s beautiful beach, bathed in golden late afternoon sunshine.  45 minutes later the bright horizon had given way to an ominous blue black sky.
The light had practically disappeared as we faced the ocean for Savasana.  The wind had picked up. The air had cooled. We couldn’t help but glance up from time to time at the looming storm.

Maybe it was the positive energy and the love from those who attended the practice, led by Wendy Campbell, Executive Director of Survive & Thrive. But we finished the practice peacefully, joyously and dry.

Once again, much gratitude to all who attended this remarkable day.  


P.S.  Five minutes after we left the beach the skies opened up!



Wendy Campbell