Benefits of Yoga for those Affected by Cancer

Yoga is a tool of awareness that leads to wellbeing.  Not just physical our physical wellbeing, but also our emotional, mental and spiritual selves. Yoga focuses on balancing the body systems with the purpose of bringing awareness into our experiences. Research shows the positive benefits of yoga to cope with fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety all of which improve quality of life. There are unique physical and emotional needs of cancer patients and survivors.


Detoxification - Removing waste by activating the lymphatic system is an important part of healing for those who are undergoing treatment  like chemotherapy and radiation. Yoga uses movement, resistance and gravity to assist this process.

Strengthens Bones and Cardiovascular System - Cancer treatment not only kills cancer cells, but also healthy cells such as bone and muscle. Yoga helps to build strength in a safe and gentle way.

 Increases Range of Motion - Yoga makes movement easier, as scar tissue from surgery and radiation may cause pain and stiffness.

 Spinal Alignment - When we hold our bodies in alignment all our internal systems function more efficiently and we breathe more deeply. Where there is breath there is blood; where there is blood there is life.

Immune Function - When internal system are strong our immune system is alert. Yoga boosts immune response by increasing cancer-fighting cells.

Pain Management- Yoga helps to connect the body/mind by deciphering what sensations are being felt and where the pain is coming from.

Manage Anxiety - Cancer is stressful. Yoga helps reducing fear and anxiety by activating the relaxation response. Reducing stress has

 significant  beneficial effects on our health.

 Body Image -Yoga, just like happiness, is an inside job. Practicing yoga helps us to cultivate a more compassionate and trusting           relationship with ourselves and others.

 EMPOWERMENT. - By taking responsibility in the face of trauma, one breath at a time, we thrive.

Experience the benefits for yourself! Join Survive & Thrive's weekly yoga for cancer class, sign up for a privates session and stay tuned for workshops and other wellness opportunities. Contact us here!


Wendy Campbell