Yoga For Cancer Training

A week after Wendy Campbell and I returned from the Yoga 4Cancer (Y4C) training in Boca Raton, we were still steeping in the amazing experience! The Y4C training has already enabled Survive&Thrive (S&T) to better serve our community by expanding our skill set and knowledge base.

As soon as we resumed our classes, we were able to apply so many Y4C practical and useful techniques. We already can see how our approach to teaching is developing a greater sensitivity to student needs.

The Y4C program focuses on clarity and developing the confidence to deliver it.  If discomfort is an obstacle to a student, provide comfort.  If language and instructions are confusing and complex, make it simple. If the word cancer has a dreaded power, drag it into the common field of conversation.

In essence, the Y4C program provides innovative methodology guided by compassion and supported by science. It’s a teaching method to make yoga truly accessible, even when students face difficult physical and emotional challenges.

Beyond greatly enhancing our program, Y4C connected Lisa Pedro with Survive and Thrive. We are very excited that Lisa, a yoga teacher trained in Y4C and a cancer survivor is sharing her talent and enthusiasm with our program.

We are inspired by Tari Prinster's leadership and lifework. With the y4c programTari and her team have illuminated a path for health, hope and healing for all those facing cancer.  Survive and Thrive is committed to honoring the spirit of this work and  we are grateful for your wisdom and guidance. 

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