The Missing Peace in Healthcare

 I'm Wendy Campbell and it is my passion to share one the most valuable gifts I have ever received, my yoga practice.



Our Mission

Our mission is to empower cancer survivors to reduce physical and mental suffering. Our programs are based on yoga and mindfulness practices that cultivate freedom, choice and balance for cancer survivors, families and care givers.
— Survive & Thrive

Our Programs

We have transitional programs to support cancer survivors to help the healing that takes place on a mental/emotional level. These are called “Survivorship” programs. These are essential for enhancing the quality of life after a cancer diagnosis. For anyone who has heard the words “you have cancer”, life does not get back to “normal” and survivors are unprepared for what life looks like.  We often survive and and are now living longer with the long term effects of cancer treatments.

Traditional healthcare is starting to acknowledge the transformative effect of yoga and cancer.


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